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  Who are we?

"Ænigma" is the Latin term for
a mystery or difficult puzzle.  

Aenigma Group is your resource
to aid in solving these problems.

Aenigma is dedicated to providing superior and specialized investigative services to the legal and business communities, as well as to decision makers and select individuals.

  • Pre-Employment Checks

    In any situation where the personal or professional history of an individual is important, a background investigation can be vital. This is the tool to determine or verify an individual's official record, references and financial stability.
    Pre-Employment investigations are a specific type of Background Check that must follow and meet strict rules & procedures in order to be legally used.   More »

  • Asset Searches for Attorneys

    When the assets of a company or individual become a decision factor, an asset search can enhance the decision process. An asset search is the best and most cost effective way to establish or verify a company or individual's assets.  More »

  • Legal Computer Forensics

    Recovering evidence and usage history from a computer can make or break a case. Uncovering the information you need from a computer is vital in today's litigation, and can be applied to most cases.  More »

  • Surveillance

    Circumstances arise where there exists the need to determine particular activities or identities by direct observation. Surveillance consists of monitoring an individual, site, or operation for this purpose.   More »

  • Due Diligence Investigations

    Investigations can greatly decrease the possibility of business losses and problem clients. The cost of one bad client, vendor, or associate far outweighs the expenditure of a basic due diligence search, especially when you factor in the money that is lost through litigation, lost sales, manufacturing delays, or sheer time.   More »


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