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Legal Computer & Smartphone Forensic Investigations

Recovering evidence and usage history from a computer or smart phone can make or break a case.

Our leading experts are the best and are frequently called on to consult with the FBI, insurance companies, the banking industry, and even computer & software manufacturers.

Uncovering the information you need from a computer is vital in today's litigation, and can be applied to most cases.

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All work is done in a completely legal and court accepted manner using proper forensic techniques and is admissible in US courts of law. Our experts are highly experienced, licensed and certified to perform these services.

Texas laws require any computer forensics performed in Texas that are to be used in legal proceedings in Texas must be done by either a Licensed Private Investigator or Government Employee (i.e. Law Enforcement Technician). Many accounting and IT companies offer these services, but they cannot be properly used in Texas court cases. Our experts have frequently consulted on cases of this manner and managed to get the opposition's "computer forensics" excluded from court.

Also Federal & Texas law require that the person requesting the forensics be performed (or the client of the attorney doing the request) have legitimate access and legal rights to the computer or cellphone. 

Case Study

The client, an industrial manufacturer, had two high level employees leave and start their own competing company, stealing clients and suspected of stealing confidential company information. Our expert did a forensic analysis of the company computers the ex-employees had utilized. We not only found the expected evidence including lists of client contact info being emailed out via free web mail services (like Yahoo), but we also found evidence that shortly before the defendants quit, they did massive downloads of client info and proprietary data and plans to an external device like a thumb drive.

But that's not the end of it. During the course of the forensic examination several damning documents were revealed, including documents for the forming of their new company. Yes, these defendants used their former employer's computers and time to start their new company!

Needless to say, when presented with all the evidence the judge issued an injunction against the defendants and they quickly settled the case.