Internet Profiles

"Whoever is detected in a shameful fraud is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth."
- Plato

Internet Profiles

Internet Profiles will show a subject's online habits and presence, and may include such areas as what they have done, posting history, areas of interest, pseudonyms and screen/user names, background information, associates, social media and more.

Due to FCRA & other FTC regulations, Internet Profiles should not be used in a pre-employment capacity.

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What is in an Internet Profile?

Aenigma's Internet Profile investigations can provide such information as:

  • Corporate & personal profiles
  • History
  • Locations
  • Associated Individuals & Companies
  • Statements & Opinions by or about the subject
  • Out of area Real Property
  • Assets
  • Court Records & Lawsuits
  • Adverse Press
  • Images of the subject
  • And much more

Case Study

The client was considering going into business with an individual from another state. They would essentially be merging their businesses. He was concerned about his potential new partner though and wanted us to check him out. What we found made him reconsider the merger: 2 bankruptcies in the last 10 years, his house forclosed in the last year, half a dozen lawsuits & judgments, and the kicker: the person was on probation for theft.