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TSCM / "Bug Sweeping"

TSCM aka "Bug Sweeping"

Do you suspect someone is monitoring your activities electronically? Eavesdropping? Or do you just wish to make sure a certain area, such as a board or meeting room, is "clean"?

Then TSCM (Technical Security Counter Measures) is the answer.

Using advanced equipment and techniques, our talented teams can check the location and infrastructure (including phones) for eavesdropping equipment and devices. This is not a simple "Wave a wand around the room check," as a typical 10 x 10 office can easily take 2 hours minimum to process and the equipment costs are in the tens of thousands.

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Case Study

A client with a high rise office and a high rise residence in a separate building was concerned that his conversations were being overheard.

A review of his residence revealed nothing alarming except for unsecured wifi and an older wireless telephone setup that was easy to intercept, both problems readily fixable.

His office had a few problems also. His actual executive office did not have adequate sound proofing in the ceiling spaces, enabling someone in a nearby office to be able to overhear conversations with little difficulty.  This was fixed by some soundproofing being added, and the installation of white noise emitter in the drop ceiling.

His conference room had many problems. Several old wire runs from an old sound and intercom system were found that could be easily used to monitor the sound in the room.  These were removed.  Also a ceremonial podium was found to have an unsecured microphone transmitter that could easily be turned on remotely.  This was replaced with a more secure model.  A white noise emitter was also installed in the drop ceiling for enhanced noise security.