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About Us

"Ænigma" is the Latin term for a mystery or difficult puzzle.
Aenigma Group is your resource to aid in solving these problems.

Aenigma is dedicated to providing superior and specialized investigative services to the legal and business communities, as well as to decision makers and select individuals.

Who Are We?

Aenigma Group was formed in order to leverage the abilities of several experienced investigators and consultants. We are a motivated team of skilled and disciplined individuals operating under the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality and dedicated to the determination of the truth and the enhancement of the safety and security of our clients.

The investigations business exists from the need and desire for information on both a precautionary and reactive basis. As the world becomes more complex, mobile and crime ridden, prudence dictates actions to minimize actual and potential danger of loss on a personal, professional and corporate level.

In our capacity as a private investigations firm, we serve as a professional problem solver for the legal, financial and corporate communities as well as select individuals. Aenigma utilizes the talent of its personnel to derive information and creative solutions that the client requires for the task at hand. Our personnel consistently produce the highest quality service within the scope and limitations of a case. Aeingma's management team works closely with our clients and investigators to ensure effective communication, appropriate action and ultimately client satisfaction.

With our broad range of education and experience, Aenigma possesses the capabilities required to perform extensive investigations and in-depth analysis. Aenigma's personnel hold degrees in Criminal Justice, Law, Psychology, Finance, and Business Administration. These talents are directed towards the company's efforts in background investigations, asset searches, public record searches, subject locations, surveillance, fraud investigations (infringement, insurance, and real-estate), civil and criminal activity. We continually search for additional trained and experienced individuals that will enhance the company's team and services.

While the majority of our clientele are Law firms and the Corporate Sector, we also do work for the select individual. It's an old saying, but it holds true: "No job is too big or too small." We've done the big jobs, like setting up surveillance at over 50 stores for a Nationwide Food Chain; and we've done the smaller jobs, like finding the phone number to an out of town TV station. And just about everything in between.

Code of Ethics

  • To be professional and to demonstrate integrity and honesty as an investigator.
  • To give each client a full explanation of the work to be performed, rates to be charged and reports to be rendered.
  • To preserve as confidential all information received in an investigation unless directed otherwise by the client or unless under specific order or legal authority.
  • conduct all aspects of investigation within the bounds of legal, moral and professional ethics.
  • To apprise clients against any illegal or unethical activities and to cooperate with law enforcement or other governmental agencies, as required by law.
  • To constantly strive for improvements as a professional, to respect the rights of others and to insure the same from ones employees.

Founder: Brian Poirier

Mr. Poirier founded Aenigma Group and has over 20-years of combined investigation and security expertise with various investigation companies and domestic & international corporations.

Mr. Poirier’s experiences include investigations, undercover operations, technical security counter measures, computer forensics, physical & technical security, emergency preparation, and crisis management.

Prior to forming Aenigma, Mr. Poirier was a partner in RMC Group, an international crisis management & consulting company. Previously he has been a consultant for several international security consulting and investigation firms. He formerly served as the manager of the investigations division of an international security consulting firm where he was vital in implementing and organizing a 24-hour immediate emergency response division and he personally handled the emergency extraction and rescues of over a dozen individuals. He aided in the development and implementation of emergency evacuation and crisis response plans for several government and private entities in New Orleans after the Katrina disaster. He has also served as a case manager and primary investigator for an international consulting firm where he developed background programs for several multi-national and Fortune 500 companies. His investigations have resulted in clients saving millions of dollars and helped develop evidence to incarcerate criminals. He also spent nearly a decade working for hotel management and ownership companies in a security and safety capacity where he was vital in implementing new security & safety procedures and training programs.

Raised in Houston, Texas with military service throughout the US, Mr. Poirier received his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston Downtown. He has also received independent training in background checks, surveillance, computer forensics, internet investigations, forensic photography, and technical security counter measures. He also has taught classes on background checks, safety awareness, ID theft, online security, investigative software, and password security.

Brian Poirier