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Internet Profiles

"Whoever is detected in a shameful fraud is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth."
- Plato

Internet Profiles

Internet Profiles can show a subject's online habits and presence, and may include such areas as what they have done, posting history, areas of interest, pseudonyms and screen/user names, background information, associates, social media and more.

Due to FCRA & other FTC regulations, Internet Profiles should not be used in a pre-employment capacity.

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What is in an Internet Profile?

Aenigma's Internet Profile investigations can provide such information as:

  • Corporate and personal profiles
  • History
  • Locations
  • Associated Individuals and Companies
  • Statements & Opinions by or about the subject
  • Real Property Ownership outside their normal area/region
  • Assets
  • Court Records and Lawsuits
  • Images of the subject
  • Adverse Press
  • And much more

Case Study

A client was contemplating a deeper romantic involvement with a subject.  An analysis of his social media presence and following clues revealed that the subject was not who he said he was and maintained several distinct online profiles for the apparent purpose of tricking ladies out of huge sums of money.  In addition we found that the actual subject was wanted by law enforcement in another area for abandoning probation on previous crimes.