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Other Services

Additional services we offer that are a bit different from normal investigative services.

Computer Forensics

Recovering evidence and usage history from a computer can make or break a case. Uncovering the information you need from a computer is vital in today's litigation, and can be applied to most cases.
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TSCM (Bug Sweeping)

TSCM: Technical Security Counter Measures (bug sweeping)
Do you suspect someone is monitoring your activities electronically? Eavesdropping? Or do you just wish to make sure a certain area, such as a board or meeting room, is "clean"?
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Business HR Department Background Training

Our Background Check experts will consult with the client to establish a recommended background check program and then train the client's appointed Human Resource representative(s) in how to perform a thorough background check "in house".
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Family Office Support

Aenigma's personnel have experience working with numerous High Net Worth Families, Individuals, and their Family Office personnel. We can tailor our services to your specific needs, including background check programs, training, and other investigative needs. Aenigma can function as your family's "Security Director." Services are available as needed or on a continuing retainer basis.
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