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Background Investigations

"The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is."
- Winston Churchill

Background Investigations

Whether you are hiring new employees or entering into a business transaction, you can be sure our background investigations will assist you in making the right decisions. The sad fact is that nowadays, you just can't be too careful who you plan on dealing with in your business or personal life. In the not too distant past, background investigations were something of a luxury, now they are quickly becoming a necessity. Every minute of every day, money is stolen and companies and individuals are defrauded of their fortunes and reputations.

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Common Uses

  • Litigation Opponents
  • Witnesses in Court Cases
  • Potential Business Partners
  • Potential Clients or Vendors
  • Relationships / Potential Spouses or Significant Others
  • And much more

Please Note: Backgrounds done for pre-employment purposes (or the extension of credit) have certain legal requirements that must be met and followed. Please see our Pre-Employment section for details.

Depth of Background Checks

Aenigma offers a variety of options within its background investigation services, including:

  • Verification of true identity
  • Criminal history
  • Civil litigation and judgments
  • Driving history (where & when allowed)
  • Employment, Education and personal reference verification
  • Business interests
  • Asset searches
  • Credit analysis (with appropriate authorization and documentation)
  • Internet Profile
  • and More

We can accomplish a profile through all available resources within the budget established by our clients. Even modest funding can usually allow us to develop current and past residential histories, criminal/civil litigation cases, etc. The extent of a background effort is usually only limited to the amount of time and budget we have been authorized to utilize.

Case Study

The client was considering going into business with an individual from another state. They would essentially be merging their businesses. He was concerned about his potential new partner though and wanted us to check him out. What we found made him reconsider the merger: two bankruptcies in the last 10 years, his house foreclosed in the last year, half a dozen lawsuits & judgments, and the kicker: the person was on probation for theft.