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Locate Investigations

Also known as Skip Tracing and Missing Persons investigations.

Subject Locate Investigations

Subject Locate investigations are utilized to find an individual who usually is attempting to avoid judicial action or has merely moved and disappeared. These individuals would include debtors, witnesses, defendants, as well as missing persons.

Aenigma conducts searches nationwide and maintains over a 90% success rate. Most locates, depending on the information initially provided and difficulty levels, are available on a flat fee basis.

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Aenigma's Locate Investigation Policies

PLEASE NOTE: In order to protect the right to personal privacy and to protect us from allegations of stalking, we will only release the location of persons found by us when one of the following conditions have been met:

  • We are retained by, and report to, legal counsel; or
  • We are provided with a copy of a legal document, explaining the reason for the locate (i.e.: service of statement of claim, support application, declaration of judgment); or
  • We have the permission of the subject of the locate to reveal his/her whereabouts

Case Study

The client needed to contact the former CFO of a now dead company in order to close out an old lawsuit. None of his former coworkers had heard from him in over 6 years, and when the company went under, he had also declared bankruptcy, lost his house, and then left the state.

Through a search of professional networks and license, we discovered him practicing as an accountant in a different state. He had started over fresh, but was happy to help the client gain closure.

Pricing & Estimates

There's no flat fee/quick way to give an estimate on locates.

Some are quite easy and quick, and thus are billed at a low amount. Others are very costly and time intensive (as an extreme example: Jimmy Hoffa).

So we do all our locates on a time+cost basis, with a minimum fee of $100 (for the quick or easy ones).

Aenigma estimates that 80-90% of our locates end up running under $300, and about half of those are under $150, as most people are not actively hiding.

We recommend a budget of $250 per locate, as usually if the person can't be found by the time that limit is reached, it can get prohibitively expensive to find them. Aenigma, withn the caveats of the location policies listed above, furnishes the information we do find to the client in cases like that.

The more information we have on the person being looked for, the better and quicker it usually is.
The best information to have is: Full name, birthdate, SSN, and last known address (and date they were known to still be there).
Other information that can assist us: Other previously known addresses, vehicle info (plates, vins), phone numbers, spouses/children/relatives' names & info, places of employment, professional licenses (doctor, plumber, etc), email addresses, etc.

We've found someone when the client only had what they thought was a first & last name, possibly lived in Conroe (small community north of Houston) and a yahoo email address. The person actually had a different last name, just went by his first & middle "on the street", due to racial tensions (last name was middle eastern) and lived in The Woodlands (small community also north of Houston and in a different county that Conroe). This only ended up costing slightly over our minimum, even with all the erroneous info.

But then again we had another one that ended up costing about a couple of thousand dollars for someone that lived in a camper in Pennsylvania that the client had to contact. (he lived off the grid, was anti-government, and we ended up contacting him through his banker).