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Human Resource Department Internal Background Check Program & Training

Learn How to "Keep it in-house"

Aenigma has developed a service that is quickly becoming one of our most popular training programs. Our Background Check experts will consult with the client to establish a recommended background check program and then train the client's appointed Human Resource representative(s) in how to perform a thorough background check "in house".

This includes one or more days of training, easy to follow manuals, aid in connecting/subscribing to the specialized resources that most background checking organizations use, and follow up consultations.

Programs available for companies of up to 10,000 employees.

Call for a free consultation on how this service can assist your business.

Program Topics

Scopes of Backgrounds

FCRA and other laws and rules

Types of checks

Criminal vs Civil


How to check with a court

Verification of licenses, certificates, and degrees

Employer verification

Options to consider: Credit reports & Driving Records

In House time and cost analysis

Sources for additional information

Live examples and walk through samples.