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Investigation Services

“Facts are stubborn things: and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they can not alter the state of facts and evidence.” ~ John Adams

General or Specialized Investigations

Sometimes you cannot conveniently categorize an investigative need into one of the areas below.  In this case we generally call in a General or Specialized Investigation and develop a plan of action with the client's input.  Examples of these may range from a simple check on a subject to see if they are at home or employed, to an evaluation of a person's death under suspicious circumstances.  Other examples may be to evaluate a workplace for business processes and procedures from an investigation and security standpoint, to taking photographs of an accident scene and vehicle.  Aenigma routinely does the uncommon.

Pre-Employment Backgrounds

Employing the right person for a job is a daunting process. And verifying that the information they provided is truthful just ads to the burden. And what about what they did not tell you?
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Backgrounds for Other Purposes

In any situation where the personal or professional history of an individual is important, a background investigation can be vital. This is the tool to determine or verify an individual's official record, references and financial stability.
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Subject Locate Investigations

Also known as Skip Tracing and Missing Persons investigations.
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Undercover Operations & Investigations

When problems in the workplace are just not solvable by normal methods, an undercover investigation may be warranted.
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Asset Searches for Attorneys

When the assets of a company or individual become a decision factor, an asset search can enhance the decision process. An asset search is the best and most cost effective way to establish or verify a company or individual's assets.
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Surveillance Investigations

Circumstances arise where there exists the need to determine particular activities or identities by direct observation. Surveillance consists of monitoring an individual, site, or operation for this purpose.
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Due Diligence Investigations

Usually utilized to investigate a potential business partner, client or vendor, Due Diligence Investigations can greatly decrease the possibility of business losses and problem clients.
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Public Records Research

Public records are filed with various government agencies on the local, state and federal level. A common example of public records are Court Records, Criminal Records or Tax Liens.
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Internet Profiles

Internet Profiles will show a subject's online habits and presence and may reveal detailed or surprising information on the subject.
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Corporate / Business Profile Research

Corporate Profile Research is a basic level Due Diligence Investigation.
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